Rahul Gandhi (Politician) Family, Wife, Biography, Age, Education, Wiki and More

रोचक जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए सोशल ग्रुप से जुड़े

Rahul Gandhi (Politician) Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Education, Wife, Date of Birth, Children, Net Worth and More

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Indian politician and social worker, was born on June 19, 1970, in Delhi. He comes from a distinguished political family and has played a significant role in Indian politics. This article explores his early life, education, family, personal life, political career, special interests, international engagements, and current office and contact information.

Full NameRahul Gandhi
Date of BirthJune 19, 1970
Place of BirthDelhi
Father’s NameLate Shri Rajiv Gandhi
Mother’s NameSmt. Sonia Gandhi
Marital StatusUnmarried
Spouse’s Name
EducationB.A., M.Phil.
Educational InstitutionRollins College, Florida, and Trinity College, Cambridge University, U.K.
Political CareerMember of the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th Lok Sabha; Member of various parliamentary committees
Special InterestsPromotion of primary education, empowerment of marginalized sections, preservation of the marine environment, international affairs
Current Office & Contact InformationDetails may be subject to change
Other InformationAssociated with various charitable trusts and foundations; interests in reading, chess, flying, swimming, cycling, running, aikido, squash, and scuba diving

Early Life and Education

Rahul Gandhi is the son of the late Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Smt. Sonia Gandhi. He received his education at prestigious institutions, earning a B.A. and an M.Phil. He attended Rollins College in Florida and Trinity College at Cambridge University, U.K. His international education has contributed to his global perspective.

Family and Personal Life

Rahul Gandhi remains unmarried and does not have any children. He has focused his life on public service and political commitments, embodying his dedication to the nation.

Political Career

Rahul Gandhi has had a significant political career. He was re-elected to the 17th Lok Sabha for the fourth term and serves as a member of the Consultative Committee for the Ministry of External Affairs. He has also been a member of various parliamentary committees, including the Standing Committee on Defence, the Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs, and the Consultative Committee on Rural Development. His commitment to social issues and governance is evident in his roles.

Special Interests

Apart from politics, Rahul Gandhi has a diverse range of special interests. He is passionate about promoting primary education and addressing issues related to the empowerment of marginalized sections of society. He is also deeply committed to the preservation of the marine environment and is actively involved in various charitable trusts and foundations.

International Engagements

Rahul Gandhi’s commitment to international affairs is reflected in his role as a member of the Consultative Committee for the Ministry of External Affairs. His global outlook and engagement in international matters contribute to India’s presence on the global stage.

Current Office & Contact Information

As of August 7, 2023, Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the membership of Lok Sabha ceased to operate. His current office and contact information may be updated following this development. However, his dedication to political and social work continues to make him a prominent figure in Indian politics.

In conclusion, Rahul Gandhi’s life and career are marked by his commitment to serving the nation and addressing critical social and environmental issues. His diverse interests, international engagements, and dedication to public service showcase his multifaceted personality and influence in Indian politics.