Naranbhai Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya (Politician) Family, Age, Education, Wife, Biography, Wiki and More

रोचक जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए सोशल ग्रुप से जुड़े

Naranbhai Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya (Politician) Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Education, Wife, Date of Birth, Children, Net Worth and More

Naranbhai Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya is a prominent figure in Indian politics known for his dedication to public service. Born on April 25, 1955, in the picturesque village of Charkhariya, in the Amreli district of Gujarat, he has made significant contributions to his community and the nation as a whole.

Full NameNaranbhai Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya
Date of BirthApril 25, 1955
Place of BirthVill. Charkhariya, Distt. Amreli, Gujarat
Father’s NameLate Shri Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya
Mother’s NameLate Smt. Otiben Kachhadiya
Marital StatusMarried, spouse: Smt. Muktaben Kachhadiya
Children2 sons, 1 daughter
EducationHigher Secondary, Saheb Ambedkar Open Univ., Ahmedabad
Permanent AddressAt Khodiyar Krupa, Kanani Vadi, Chakkar Dadh Road, Amreli-365601, Gujarat
Present AddressBungalow No. 03, Mahadev Road, New Delhi – 110001
Political CareerMember of Lok Sabha, various positions and committees, re-elected multiple times
International VisitsBelgium, Spain
Other InterestsAgricultural research, reading newspapers, social and cultural activities
Contact InformationTel: (02792) 227878, Telefax: (011) 23325105, Mobile: 09013180182
Special NoteRecipient of awards from Sardar Patel Education Trust (NGO) for social and cultural activities

Early Life and Education

Naranbhai Kachhadiya hails from humble beginnings, born to Late Shri Bhikhabhai Kachhadiya and Late Smt. Otiben Kachhadiya. He pursued his higher secondary education at Saheb Ambedkar Open University in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for his future pursuits.

Family and Personal Life

Naranbhai Kachhadiya is a family man, happily married to Smt. Muktaben Kachhadiya since January 12, 1973. They are blessed with two sons and a daughter, making their family life a source of strength and support.

Political Career

Naranbhai Kachhadiya’s political journey is marked by a strong commitment to his constituency and the welfare of his constituents. He has been elected to the Lok Sabha multiple times, serving as a Member of Parliament. His political career has seen a series of notable positions:

  • Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways (2019 onwards): Naranbhai Kachhadiya actively participates in the development of India’s railway infrastructure.
  • Member, Committee of Privileges (2019 onwards): He plays a crucial role in safeguarding parliamentary privileges and ethics.
  • Member, Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas (2019): His involvement in the energy sector is pivotal in shaping India’s energy policies.
  • Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy: Naranbhai Kachhadiya’s contributions to the power and renewable energy sectors are vital for India’s progress.

His political career has witnessed consistent dedication to public service and a commitment to his constituents’ welfare.

International Engagements

Naranbhai Kachhadiya has represented India on the global stage. He has visited Belgium and Spain, showcasing India’s rich culture and heritage to the world.

Current Office & Contact Information

Naranbhai Kachhadiya’s current address is Bungalow No. 03, Mahadev Road, New Delhi – 110001, with a Telefax at (011) 23325105 and mobile contact at 09013180182. His permanent address remains At Khodiyar Krupa, Kanani Vadi, Chakkar Dadh Road, Amreli-365601, Gujarat, where he can be reached at (02792) 227878.

In addition to his political career, Naranbhai Kachhadiya has diverse interests, including agricultural research, reading newspapers, and studying the lives of successful and dynamic individuals. He actively participates in public activities in rural areas and is known for his commitment to the betterment of society. Naranbhai Kachhadiya’s accomplishments, both in politics and social activities, make him a respected figure in the political landscape of India.