Debasree Chaudhuri (Politician) Wiki, Biography, Family, Wife, Age, Education and More

रोचक जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए सोशल ग्रुप से जुड़े

Debasree Chaudhuri (Politician) Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Education, Wife, Date of Birth, Children, Net Worth and More

Debasree Chaudhuri is a prominent Indian politician known for her dedicated service to the nation. Born on January 31, 1971, in Balurghat, South Dinajpur, West Bengal, she has made significant contributions to both politics and youth and women development. Debasree Chaudhuri is recognized for her unwavering commitment to the welfare of society.

Full NameDebasree Chaudhuri
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1971
Place of BirthBalurghat, South Dinajpur, West Bengal
ParentsFather: Late Shri Debidas Chaudhuri
Mother: Smt. Ratna Chaudhuri
Marital StatusUnmarried
ChildrenSons: 0, Daughters: 0
EducationM.A. from Burdwan University, West Bengal
Permanent AddressAA-11/4, Flat B1, Desbandhu Nagar, Baguiati, Kolkata, West Bengal
Present AddressC-1/26, Pandara Park, New Delhi-110003
Political Career Highlights– Member, Standing Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs, and Public Distribution (from September 13, 2021)
– Union Minister of State, Ministry of Women and Child Development (from May 30, 2019, to July 7, 2021)
– Elected to the 17th Lok Sabha (May 2019)
Special InterestsWorked in the field of youth and women’s development
Other InformationGeneral Secretary, BJP, West Bengal
Contact Information– Tel: 09830123412

Early Life and Education

Debasree Chaudhuri’s early years were shaped by her upbringing in West Bengal. She pursued her education at Burdwan University, earning a Master’s degree (M.A.). Her academic journey laid the foundation for her future endeavours in the political and social spheres.

Family and Personal Life

Debasree Chaudhuri is unmarried and does not have any children. She comes from a family with a strong commitment to public service. Her father, Late Shri Debidas Chaudhuri, and mother, Smt. Ratna Chaudhuri, have been a source of inspiration for her throughout her life.

Political Career

Debasree Chaudhuri’s political journey is marked by her dedication to serving the people of West Bengal and the nation as a whole. In May 2019, she was elected to the 17th Lok Sabha, representing the aspirations of her constituents.

From May 30, 2019, to July 7, 2021, Debasree Chaudhuri held the important role of Union Minister of State in the Ministry of Women and Child Development. During her tenure, she worked tirelessly to address issues related to women’s and children’s welfare, reflecting her deep commitment to social causes.

Currently, since September 13, 2021, Debasree Chaudhuri has served as a member of the Standing Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs, and Public Distribution. Her active involvement in parliamentary committees demonstrates her dedication to addressing critical issues facing the nation.

International Engagements

While Debasree Chaudhuri’s primary focus has been on domestic politics and social development, her contributions have had a positive impact on the international stage as well. Her work in youth and women’s development aligns with global efforts to empower and uplift marginalized communities.

Current Office & Contact Information

Debasree Chaudhuri’s present address is C-1/26, Pandara Park, New Delhi-110003. She can be contacted at 09830123412.

In addition to her political career, Debasree Chaudhuri has a deep commitment to youth and women development. Her work in this field, along with her role as General Secretary of the BJP in West Bengal, reflects her dedication to making a meaningful difference in society.

Debasree Chaudhuri’s multifaceted contributions continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the people she serves, both in West Bengal and across the nation.